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Tati Ferguson is a total dream boat. Model and founder of TAJE swim, the South African and french beauty was raised in Bali and founded TAJE in 2012 at just 16 years old.

“The idea behind TAJE is that its really personal. Its 100% me and I’ve done it all myself. Its been with me since I was 16 and very important parts of my life and it still supports me. I’ve learnt so much and each year it grows more. The image of TAJE isn’t intended to be this huge mass produced brand, I want it to stay with its story, which is purely me.”

This collection of photographs shows exactly that. Tati knows what she looks good in and intends to empower women through TAJE to feel the same in her classic Brazilian styles.

“I wanted bikinis that I looked and felt good in. I was much curvier when I was younger and I felt that Brazilian cut bikinis gave me a lot of confidence, and thats how I want to make girls feel.”

tati 3tati 6tati 5tati 1tati 7tati 8tati 2

Tati wears TAJE swim
Photographed by Ella Jane

In collaboration with TAJE SWIM

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